Desire of African Holidays

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Desire of African Holidays
of Lucy Wanjiru Wachira

Sector: Tourism
Country: Italy - Kenya
Year of business registration: to be established
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur is ready to start her own economic activity and to formalize it. The analysis and evaluation of the alternatives led to the clear definition of its business model..

Business Idea

The entrepreneur wants to offer a service that puts the traveler in direct relationship with the visited population, to learn about the customs, traditions and customs, to enter directly into the lifestyles of the communities. Live common life, African rhythms, savor smiles, spontaneity and African customs

Purpose of the investments

The initial investment amounts to approximately 2,000 euros for setting up the home office. The remaining sum serves as liquidity for the first year of activity.

Financial needs

The amount of the investment is Euro 5.000

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.

Organization Chart

The activity will be carried out by the entrepreneur herself and in a first phase she will not make use of staff.

Business Indicators

The activity carried out as an individual entrepreneur allows cost containment, requires minimum investments and guarantees a high flexibility and ability to face the start-up phase. The projections allow the remuneration of the entrepreneur's activity with excellent development margins.

Business Partner

The activity is carried out in partnership with local structures of the countries (in particular with Kenya) that will host tourists guaranteeing an international service and level of security.

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