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African's Ethical Consulting Srl
of Jean Felicien Bongolo

Sector: Consulting
Country: Italy
Year of business registration: operative since 2020
State of advancement:

The vast experience of the proposing entrepreneur, the network already created, the active involvement in previous project experiences, represent the starting point for this new consulting activity.

Business Idea

African's Ethical Consulting srl accompanies and supports socially and environmentally responsible projects, organizations and companies in their path of consolidation and development, according to the principles of ethical finance. It offers financial assistance services, participation in national and international tenders and technical support. It offers support for the drafting of business plans and investment plans, identification of adequate sources of financing and assistance in finding them.

Purpose of the investments

The initial investment is for the establishment of the company and the purchase of equipment. As this is a consulting and networking company, the investment is not substantial.

Financial needs

The amount of the investments is: Euro 58.000

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.


A team that offers specialized consultancy in design in the Afro Diaspora in Europe and technical and financial support..

Business Indicators

The investment for the start-up of the consulting activity will allow the achievement of a turnover of about 35,000 euros per year which allows cost coverage and sustainability of the activity itself.

Business Partner

The company is part of the African Ethical System - European Ethical and Alternative Finance Company, which includes African Ethical Holding SC, a cooperative financial company and African Ethical Impact Sgr, an asset management company dedicated to impact investing.

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