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of Gory Wosornu

Sector: Services
Country: Greece
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The project was clearly defined, deeply analyzed and evaluated. There is already a project team for the implementation.

Business Idea

Afrowear is concept that harnesses African crafts in making high quality fashion wears, footwear, bags and others. Our mission is to celebrate African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs, and create opportunities for marginalised communities through fashion. It will create jobs for talented African immigrants fashion designers. This platform will offer the africans in Greece the opportunity to sell their craft to the international communities and Greeks.

Purpose of the investments

The funds are intended to develop the online platforms and required branding expenses.

Financial needs

Euro 73.000

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.


At the beginning there will be the need of 2 persons working full-time. The persons will be located in Greece.

Business Indicators

The net income for the first year is expected to be Euro 14,000 and reaching Euro 21,000 in the fifth year.

Business Partner

Fashion designers members on the platform.

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