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Everything Clean
of Colbert Kameku

Sector: Services
Country: Camerun
Year of business registration: to be established
State of advancement:

The activity is nearing completion and testing of the local market. The entrepreneur has made preliminary contacts with companies supplying the product, has carried out the appropriate checks and are in the process of searching for the location of the local store.

Business Idea

The activity involves the purchase in Italy (from a manufacturer) and import into Cameroon of household detergents in bulk to be bottled directly on site. Imported products have a higher quality than local market products with potential for development. The activity includes bottling, labeling and resale on site with the opening of a dedicated shop.

Purpose of the investments

The funds are used both for investment in equipment for amounts of approximately Euro 15,000 and for running capital to purchase the stock of goods and the running costs of the first months of activity.

Financial needs

The requested amount is: 45.000 Euro

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for finance for his business.

Organization Chart

The organizational structure will be lean. The entrepreneur will be supported by staff on site for the bottling and packaging activities and will be directly supervised by the entrepreneur himself. Contacts with Italian suppliers will be in the hands of the entrepreneur himself who will also manage the part related to logistics.

Business Indicators

The expected annual turnover is around 120,000 euros to allow coverage of the overall costs. The company needs constant financial support for financial and liquidity management especially in the first year of activity in which the products must be known by the market.

Business Partner

The entrepreneur does not currently have agreements with local strategic partners for the development of the market.

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