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of Moses Acqua

Sector: Services
Country: Greece
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The project was clearly defined, deeply analyzed and evaluated. The foundations for starting the business have been laid down under the umbrella of Afrolynk. Initial operation started on 2019.

Business Idea

An online learning platform where young Africans across the continent can learn different courses for free and pay for certification.

Purpose of the investments

The funds are intended to develop and configure the online platforms and the required web tools.

Financial needs

Euro 75,000 (32,500 Euro can be ensured through grants)

Progress of the investments

Initial set-up of the business operation. The entrepreneur is looking for funding to expand the operation.


At the beginning there is the need for only 2 persons to managing the activity. The persons will be located in Greece. The entrepreneur has over 13 reputable years of professional experience in the Tech industry and the African startup ecosystem. He has great passion for impact innovation, appropriate technology, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Business Indicators

The first year the revenue is expected to be 27,000 Euros, reaching in the fifth year the 82,000Euros.

Business Partner

Factory24 will utilize the network of Afrolynk..

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