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Female Tailoring
of Farida Ahmed ALI

Sector: Clothing and Fashion
Country: Italy
Year of business registration: 2020
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur is ready to start her own economic activity and to formalize it. The analysis and evaluation of the alternatives led to the clear definition of its business model..The entrepreneur already has the business established and is ready and eager to increase and develop it thanks to some investments in equipment and the opening of her own laboratory.

Business Idea

The entrepreneur intends to professionally develop the production of tailored women's clothing for her compatriots in the area of Milan and the surrounding area and later for a larger market.

Purpose of the investments

The investment is used to purchase sewing equipment and machines as well as to finance the start-up of the business.

Financial needs

The amount of the investment is Euro 10.000

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.

Organization Chart

The activity will be carried out by the entrepreneur herself and in a first phase she will not make use of staff.The activity will be managed by the owner who will make use of the support of collaborators. The experience gained over the years, thanks to his passion, represents the starting point for the development of the business in a professional form.

Business Indicators

The turnover envisaged in the five-year plan is approximately € 22,000 to grow to approximately € 30,000 with net profits increasing from € 6,000 allowing full coverage of operating costs and investments made.

Business Partner

The activity is of an artisan type and does not require the development of partnerships for the realization.

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