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Fresh Fish
of Eric Dengha

Sector: Fishing and Trade
Country: Italy - Congo
Year of business registration: to be established
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur is still in the process of gathering precise information that allows the finalization of his business plan and precise economic-financial projections. It is developing contacts for the creation of the sales network in Italy and strengthening the partnership in Congo with existing companies / organizations that can guarantee the supply of the product.

Business Idea

The activity involves the importation and sale in Italy of fresh fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean. An office in Italy is foreseen in Italy for the management of relations with Italian importers and companies and an office in Congo where fishing and shipping takes place.

Purpose of the investments

TThe investment is being quantified and involves strengthening the assets of an existing fishermen's cooperative with the acquisition of a boat and fishing equipment.

Financial needs

The amount of the investment in under evaluation.

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is finalizing the quantification of the financial need

Organization Chart

The entrepreneur will follow the part in Italy relating to the marketing and sale of the product on the Italian market while the local structure will be managed by local partners who will handle both fishing and shipping activities.

Business Indicators

The collection of economic / financial information is still in progress for the preparation of the final document of the economic and financial plan.

Business Partner

The entrepreneur is evaluating both collaborations in Italy with importers and structures for destruction and in Congo with cooperatives and fishing companies.

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