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ITAL Traduzioni
of Prosper Nkenfack

Sector: Services
Country: Italy
Year of business registration: 2020
State of advancement:

The service activity was formalized and established in 2020 following the training and coaching path. The entrepreneur is in the initial phase of starting his business and expanding his clientele. A subsequent phase will include the expansion of collaborations.

Business Idea

The entrepreneur is developing and expanding the translation, interpreting, sworn translation / legalization service of documents thanks to a team of professionals specialized in different languages and fields. The entrepreneur, thanks to the qualification of sworn translator at the court of Verona, completes the translation service offered by the team of experts that he coordinates himself.

Purpose of the Investments

No new funding is needed at the moment. New resources may be needed during expansion.

Financial nees

The requested amount is: not requested

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur has funded the start-up with his own capital and he is currently not looking for finance for his business.

Organization Chart

The team is made up of freelancers who are coordinated for the implementation of specific interventions and at the request of customers. A second phase of business expansion may include the opening of a common office shared with professionals and new investments.

Business Indicators

The activity in the start-up phase is constituted as a sole proprietorship. The turnover allows an integration of the current sources of income with an interesting growth prospect. The very nature of the type of activity provides for low management costs and good profitability of the activity itself.

Business Partner

The activity is carried out in partnership with various professionals with specific skills that are shared with the team coordinated by the entrepreneur.

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