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Le Cotis - Chez Ma'Flo
of Florette Zengue

Sector: Restaurant and Catering
Country: Italy
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur is ready to start her own business thanks to the experience and professionalism gained over the years and in previous activities. The investments to be made and the locations for the restaurant business have been clearly identified. The customers have been already acquired thanks to past experience and they are ready to benefit of the delicious dishes prepared by Florette.

Business Idea

The idea derives from the professional experience gained over the years by the entrepreneur in the field of catering, together with the customers and the personal knowledge developed by the same. The services that we intend to perform are integrated with each other and are: development of the catering business, take-away service and restaurant business.

Purpose of the Investments

The loan is used to acquire the equipment and take over an already organized and operational economic activity.

Financial needs

The total amount requested is: Euro 45.000.

Progress of the Investments

The entreprenuer is looking for finance.

Organization Chart

The organization will be managed by the entrepreneur who will mainly take care of the management of the kitchen and customers and by the son who will take care of the management of the room, cash desk, bar and organizational aspects. To support the entrepreneurs there will be staff both in the figure of hired cooks and waiters.

Business Indicators

The activity foresees a net profit, albeit low, starting from the first year and then constantly increasing in the following years, guaranteeing coverage of fixed and financial costs and an adequate cash flow.

Business Partners

LThe entrepreneur has already carried out this type of activity in the past and has already created her own customer portfolio as well as a good reputation within the community.

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