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Mahanad Construction and Painting
of Mohanad Mustafa

Sector: Consulting and painting
Country: Sweden
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The entreprenuer has developed the idea, has the experience in the sector and is ready to establish the business.

Business Idea

The business will be in the constuction, refurnishing and repairs industry. The company will offer services for handicraft work, construction and painting.

Purpose of the investments

Start up costs for travailing and office equipment.To acqurire tools and trasportation vehicle.

Financial needs

The amount of the investments is Sek 100,000 (Euro 9,900)

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.


The business will be managed directly by the entrpreneur who will hire and contract people according to project/intervention need.

Business Indicators

The business seeks to reach an annual turnover of Sek 2.000.000 (euro 197,000) and increase it of 15% yearly.

Business Partner

The business is managed by the entrepreneur.

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