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Odette's Cleaning Services
of Odette Habonimana

Sector: Cleaning Services
Country: Sweden
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur has identified the idea and plan the activities..

Business Idea

The plan is to open a cleaning business that offer services for offices and private homes. Thanks to the swedish state that is providing tax reduction to private consumers, these services are affordable also for common people, increasing the market size. In a second phase, the entreprenuer could expand to new services like car cleanig and shopping deliveries.

Purpose of the investments

The fundings are intended for the initial equipment and for a transportation vehicle.

Financial needs

The amount of the investments is Sek 50,000 (Euro 4,950)

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.


The activity will be conducted as a single entrepreneur.

Business Indicators

The business seeks to reach an annual turnover of Sek 500,000 (euro 49,000) and to increase the sales yearly by 20%.

Business Partner

There are no partners for the entrepreneurial activity.

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