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of Odile Djamegni Fatchou

Sector: Nuts, Herbs and Spices Store
Country: Greece
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The entepreneur has identified the idea of her project. She has already identified the initial suppliers of the products. The store will be located near to Evripidou Str.

Business Idea

The entepreneur wants to open a shop that will sell nuts, herbs and spices from Cameroon. She will provide a supply of choice of products to individual buyers through farmers’ markets.The products will be naturally raised. The entepreneur will sell cameroonian goods in the african community but also in greeks, explaining how they are produced, some details about their harvest etc.

Purpose of the investments

The funds will be used to buy equipment and furniture for the store as well as required renovations.

Financial needs

The amount of the investments is Euro 20,000

Progress of the investments

The entepreneur is in search of funding.


The entepreneur will work remotely with her family who are farmers in Cameroon. During the first year, she will run the business on her own the a second person will support her.

Business Indicators

It is expected to reach sales above Euro 90,000 the first year with a constant increase the following years. After the first year, the entepreneur plans also to import african coffee in order to further expand the variety of products.

Business Partner

No business Partners.

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