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of Faw Zani Fofana

Sector: Trade and Production
Country: Togo
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur has identified an interesting sales market and a need to which his business idea can respond. The sector of quality sofas for the Togo market represent an opportunity for investors and Italian companies who want to enter into partnership with the entrepreneur to develop this market. The entrepreneur is looking for partnerships with manufacturing companies interested in entering new markets.

Business Idea

The project aims to respond to the local market's need for quality sofas with an Italian design. The first phase involves the export of sofas from Italian manufacturers with which they have close commercial ties and which are interested in expanding their market to that of Togo. A second phase, to be activated in the medium to long term, involves the creation of a real laboratory that can produce quality sofas directly in the country, again thanks to agreements and in partnership with Italian manufacturers.

Purpose of the investments

Purchase of photographic equipment.The investment is used to support the start-up costs for one year for the showroom to be opened in Togo in which the quality sofas will be exhibited and for the purchase of equipment.

Financial needs

The amount of the investments is: Euro 40.000

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.


In the first phase, the opening of a local showroom of sofas imported from Italian production companies is foreseen. The management of relations with the Italian company will be managed by the entrepreneur who will make use of staff on site for the management of the showroon, the sale and transport to the customer.

Business Indicators

The business requires a minimal initial investment in equipment. The management costs for the first year are estimated at around € 40,000 relating to the management and maintenance of the show room.

Business Partner

The economic initiative provides for a partnership with Italian manufacturing companies interested in entering a new sales market. In a second phase, the collaboration could be extended to the creation of a local artisan laboratory to be started always in partnership with Italian companies.

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