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Tabiro Restaurant
of Adama Jammeh

Sector: Restaurant and Catering
Country: Italy
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur intends to start his own business by taking over an already established one of the same nature. Contacts with the current owner and manager who will accompany the new entrepreneur in the initial phase have already been in progress for some time. The entrepreneur was also supported by a professional present in the city in order to further accompany the entrepreneur in the evaluation of the entire operation.

Business Idea

The idea is to open a restaurant typical of the sub-Saharan region with foods that differ from those currently offered in Rome which mainly offer Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. The possibility offered to take over an already operational structure and with the support of the current manager allows the entrepreneur to reduce the risks associated with the start-up phase, to benefit from an already acquired clientele to whom new products and services will be offered that the entrepreneur intends to develop.

Purpose of the investments

The funds are intended to acquire the equipments and to take over of the already organized and operational economic activity.

Financial needs

The requested amount is: Euro 50.000.

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for finance. The entrepreneur has already started a scouting activity with local banking institutions to present his economic initiative.

Organization Chart

The organization will be headed by the entrepreneur who will be supported in the initial phase by the current owner and manager who will support him both for the management of the activity and for the purchasing and stock management phases. The staff will be chosen by the entrepreneur on the basis of their knowledge and existing relationships with the local community.

Business Indicators

The economic-financial projections were based on the historical analysis of the current management and on a prudent projection of revenues. The activity in the initial phase will be supported by the current manager, favoring the maintenance of positive results from the initial phase with an annual turnover of around € 200,000 and a final net profit of around € 10,000 after having also paid the entrepreneurial activity.

Business Partner

The entrepreneur will be supported by the manager of the current business in the star-up phase to guarantee the success of the business .

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