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Women World Gym
of Leila Mohamed

Sector: Fitness
Country: Sweden
Year of business registration: to be registered
State of advancement:

The entrepreneur has developed the idea, is motivated, and is looking forward to turning the idea into reality.

Business Idea

The plan is to open a Gym business for migrant women, who are reluctant to visit traditional gyms and prefer to exercise without the presence of men.

Purpose of the investments

The funds are intended to buy basic gym equipment.

Financial needs

The amount of the investments is Sek 50,000 (Euro 4,950)

Progress of the investments

The entrepreneur is looking for financial assistance.


The entrepreneur will manage the activity and hire staff based on the business growth.

Business Indicators

Based on similar businesses, the projected members are 800 over a 3 year period with a yearly turnover of sek 600,000 (euro 59,000), with a projected increment of 15% per year.

Business Partner

The business is managed by the entrepreneur.

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